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A bird is a bird

A bird is a bird

Lizzy Rockwell
Nonfiction Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Holiday House, 2015   ISBN: 978-0823430420

Most of us know what birds are. We know the names of many species, and can describe the birds that visit our gardens, parks, cities and towns. We can draw pictures of them, and some of us even know the calls of some birds; but what makes a bird a bird?

   All birds have beaks, which come in all shapes and sizes depending on the habitats, and habits, of the bird they belong to. For example, parrots have beaks that are suited for eating fruit, while herons and egrets have beaks that are perfect for catching fish. Woodpeckers have beaks that can hammer away at tree trunks, and tiny hummingbirds have long thin beaks that fit into the bells of flowers.

   In addition to beaks, birds have wings. Wings are incredible things that allow birds to fly through the air and swim through water. Birds also lay eggs. The puzzling thing is that other creatures have beaks and wings. Many animals lay eggs too, so what really makes a bird unique? The answer is simple: only birds have feathers.

   In this beautifully illustrated picture book the author shows her young readers what makes a bird a bird, how special these amazing animals are, and how they have adapted to live in a range of habitats around the world. Wonderful color illustrations throughout the book capture the infinite variety of the bird family.