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50 ways to save the earth

50 ways to save the earth

Anne Jankeliowitch
Photographer: Philippe Bourseiller
For ages 8 to 12
Abrams, 2008   ISBN: 0810972395

In just half a century the population of our planet has tripled, and we humans are putting a terrible strain on the Earth’s natural resources. We are polluting the air, water, and the soil, and we are wiping out animal and plant species at a frightening rate. Many people feel the situation is already so bad that there is nothing we can do. We might not be able to reverse all that damage that we have done, but there are still many things that we can do to clean up and take care of our home.

In this book, the author gives us fifty things that we can do to make the Earth a better place to live. These fifty actions are divided into seven chapters. Chapter one looks at ways to put “the Trashcan on a diet.” The second looks at ways in which we can save the world’s rainforests. The third chapter discusses how we can show “respect for nature.” In the fourth readers will learn how to save energy, and in the fifth they will find out how to start “Caring for water.” The sixth chapter looks at “Breathing Fresh Air,” and the last chapter discusses how we can change the way we buy things.

All the suggestions given in this book are carefully explained, and the author gives his readers some ideas at the end of every page. These ideas show readers how easy it is for them to do their part to save and protect our planet. Wonderful photographs, many of which show us how beautiful and precious the Earth is, accompany the text.

This is a carefully presented and powerful book, and readers of all ages will learn a great deal as they peruse the pages.