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365 Penguins

365 Penguins

For ages 4 to 7
Abrams Books for Young Readers, 1994   ISBN: 978-0810944602

One New Year's morning a delivery man brings a package to the door. When the family open the package they find that it contains a real live penguin. The family have no idea who sent the penguin. All the box contains besides the little bird is a note saying "I'm number 1. Feed me when I'm hungry."

The very next day another box containing another penguin is delivered. Yet again the family have no idea who sent the penguin and there is another note which tells them to take care of this new arrival.

Day after day after day penguins arrive. The family do there best to take care of the birds but the sheer numbers begin to become a problem. What should the family do with all these penguins? Surely the sender doesn't expect them to keep all of the birds? It is getting hard to feed and house them all. Amy – the daughter in the family – is tired of having to share her showers with so many penguins. Who is sending all these penguins and why?

In this delightful large format picture book readers get to share a puzzling, and very interesting, penguin problem with an ordinary family. Using a lot of white space and just a few colors, the illustrator creates a memorable collection of pictures that perfectly compliment the unique storyline. Readers will find themselves saying "Oh no!" when they see the author's last laugh at the end of the story.