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123 I Can Build!

123 I Can Build!

Irene Luxbacher
Nonfiction Craft Book
For ages 4 to 8
Kids Can Press, 2009   ISBN: 978-1554533152

Children love to build buildings. When they are very little they use building blocks to do this, and then when they are older Lego pieces, popsicle sticks, and boxes are used to make houses and other buildings.

In this book, Irene Luxbacher shows young crafters that they can build houses and other buildings using a wide variety of materials. She begins by showing crafters what they are going to need to make the projects described in the book. All of the materials are easy to find at home or in crafting stores. They include boxes, papers of different kinds, modeling clay, paints and brushes, and sugar cubes.

Next we move on to the projects. The first project is a mini city by the sea. You make an island using a large stone, and place little houses and other buildings made out of modeling clay on the stone.

Further on in the book, you will find a Mushroom Mansion that doubles as a secret place where children can stash small treasures. All you need to make the mansion is some tissue paper, glue, a frozen juice container, paints, and a few little bits and pieces to use for decorating.

Other projects in the book include an ice castle, a house made out of paper, and a birdhouse

This excellent craft book is one in a series that Irene Luxbacher has written. Each of the books has easy-to-follow directions, amusing little illustrations, and full-color photographs.