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100 First Animals

100 First Animals

From the editors at Tiger Tales
Nonfiction Novelty Board Book
For ages 2 to 5
Tiger Tales, 2013   ISBN: 978-1589256088

The world is full of animals, many of which fascinate children. In this excellent novelty title we look at twelve groups of animals. Two of the groups, birds and bugs, represent animal families.  Other groups look at animals that live in a specific kind of environment, such as animals that inhabit jungles, deserts, and woods. We also look animals that are grouped together because they are pets, because they come out at night, and because they are commonly found on farms.

   Our journey begins with animals that are pets. We see full-color photos of seven kinds of animals. Some of the animals, like the goldfish, are alone, while others, like the ferrets, are in pairs or groups. Each of the photos is a lift-the-tab, and beneath we find another picture of the animal and we see its name written out. Sometimes we find that the photo is hiding more than one word. For example, under the little kitten photo we find a picture of a kitten with its mother and we see the phrase “cat and kitten.”

   On the next page we see some farm animals where  there are photos showing three cows, a chicken and her chick, a goose, a horse, a goat, a child with a cow, and a pink pig.

   Sometimes, in addition to the name of the animal, we see the word that describes the noise that the featured animal makes. Thus we get to learn the words “meow,” “moo,” “squawk” and other splendid sound words that children will enjoy saying and sharing.

   In all there are one hundred words for children to learn in this book, and young readers will also enjoy becoming familiar with a variety of animal species.