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10 Little Penguins

10 Little Penguins

Jean-Luc Fromental
Illustrator:  Joelle Jolivet 
Paper Engineer: Bernard Duisit
Novelty Book
For ages 5 to 7
Abrams, 2010   ISBN: 978-0810995826

There are ten little penguins on the ice playing together. They decide to “bowl on ice,” with one penguin using its comrades as bowling pins. The ball connects with one of the bowling pin penguins and the little bird “rolls right into the brine,” leaving nine little penguins to start a new game.

This time the penguins decide to play with a whale, who is quite happy to play with its black and white friends. Until one of the penguins nips the whale in the tail that is. Not surprisingly, the annoyed whale gives its tail a slap, and now there are eight little penguins left.

With all kinds of pop-ups, dials to turn, and tabs to pull, this delightful novelty book gives children a memorable way to practice counting back from ten to zero. There is also a surprise ending that is sure to be a big hit with readers of all ages.

This unique book was created by the same author and illustrator team who brought us  365 Penguins and Oops!