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10 Easter Egg Hunters: A Holiday Counting Book

10 Easter Egg Hunters: A Holiday Counting Book

Janet Schulman
Illustrator:  Linda Davick 
Board book
For infants to age 4
Random House, 2012   ISBN: 978-0375866371

It is Easter morning, and the Easter Bunny has to get to work to hide eggs for the children, who will soon be awake and eager to begin their Easter egg hunt.

Baby is the first child to find an egg. Crawling around at ground level, Baby finds a green egg at the entrance to a mouse hole. Next, Max finds a blue egg in the row of mailboxes, and soon after, Timid Tom sees a purple egg on the windowsill. Alexandra takes the hunt outdoors, where she finds the fourth egg lying at the end of a water spout.

Little children love Easter eggs hunts, even ones that are in books. In this title, they can help the children in the story to find the ten hidden colored eggs by searching the colorful illustrations, and they can also practice counting to ten as they turn the pages.