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Uncle Andy’s: A faabbbulous visit with Andy Warhol
James Warhola
Picture Book
Ages 5 to 8
Penguin, 2003, 0-14-240349-4
  James Warhola belongs to a large family. His father runs a junk business and the children have a great time exploring the junk that their father collects. Sometimes, to their mother’s annoyance, their dad even brings some of the junk home and the front yard is a bit of a mess.
  One day the children’s father announces that it is time to go to New York City to visit their grandmother Bubba and their uncle Andy, who is a famous artist. The children are delighted. Going to New York City is always a grand adventure and they love visiting Bubba and Uncle Andy.
  As always Bubba makes a huge fuss when they arrive, smothering them with kisses first and then making them a big meal. The next day the children begin to explore Uncle Andy’s fascinating house. It is full of strange and wonderful things which Uncle Andy explains are works of art. Some people may think that they are pieces of junk but for Uncle Andy they are special and they are to be treasured. The children spend the days exploring, painting with Uncle Andy and having a grand time. James thinks his uncle’s paintings are “super neat” and he plans to “do my own art” when he gets home.
  This is a wonderful account of a young boy’s visit with his uncle, the famous Andy Warhol. In this story we find out about an Andy Warhol who paints with his nephews and nieces and who gives them boxes of art supplies. We also find out that that famous head of white hair was not quite as real as we thought! This is a special picture of a man as seen through the eyes of a child and it is entertaining, warming, colorful, and personal. Wonderful lively illustrations capture the exuberance of the large Warhola family and the uniqueness of Andy’s life and home in New York City. Clearly the artistic gift is strong in the family.
  An author’s note in the beginning of the book further explains the nature of James Warhola’s relationship with his famous uncle.

Uncle Andy's


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