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Amelia and Eleanor go for a ride

Pam Munoz Ryan

Pictures by Brian Selznick

Non-Fiction Picture Book

Ages 6 to 9

Scholastic, 1999, 0-590-96075-X

  Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart were very alike. They were both “outspoken and determined” and they were both “daring.” Both were also famous, Eleanor was the First Lady, and Amelia was the first woman pilot to fly across the Atlantic on her own. One day Amelia and her husband decided to visit Washington D.C. and when Eleanor heard about the upcoming visit she invited the couple to come and stay in the White House.

  And so, one April evening, Amelia and Eleanor got ready for a White House dinner in their respective rooms. Later Amelia gave Eleanor a gift she had brought her and then the women joined the rest of their party and sat down to dinner.

  Not surprisingly they talked about flying and Amelia learned that Eleanor had just got her student’s pilot license. Amelia offered to give Eleanor lessons and she told everyone at the table what it was like to fly at night. Then Amelia suggested that she and Eleanor should fly to Baltimore and back that very night. Eleanor would get a marvelous view of the city of Washington from the air.

  In an hour Amelia and Eleanor were airborne. Amelia was still wearing her white evening dress, her long gloves, and her high heeled shoes. Thus began a wonderful journey which left a deep impression on both the women.

  This is a wonderful account of a very special meeting which took place in April of 1933. As they read the story young readers will come to realize how unique Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart were, and how lucky the world was to have them in it for a while. With lovely pencil drawings throughout, and a text which has an intimate feel to it, this is a title which truly stands out.

  At the back of the book readers will find an author’s note which is packed with more information about Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the wonderful friendship that they shared.

Amelia and Eleanor go for a ride


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