Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews



David Wiesner
Picture Book
For ages 3 to and up
Clarion, 1997   ISBN: 978-0395870822

On Tuesday evening at around eight something very odd happens at the pond. To the astonishment of all the creatures living down there, some frogs go floating by sitting on lily pads. Now, this may not sound all that peculiar until you realise that the frogs are not floating on the water, instead they are floating in the air! Indeed, soon the air is thick with flying frogs, skimming and diving their way over buildings, over telephone poles and past the windows of people’s houses. The frogs even float down people’s chimneys and into their homes.

What is amazing about this phenomenon is that none of the humans seem to notice what is going on. The dogs do and they get a nasty shock when they try to chase the floating frogs. But the people... well they just don’t see it.

With almost no text, a palette dominated by soft, cool, blues and greens, and various formats and perspectives, this is a picture book to wonder over and explore.