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The Monsterologist: A memoir in rhyme

The Monsterologist: A memoir in rhyme

Bobbi Katz
Illustrator:  Adam McCauley 
Picture Book
For ages 8 to 12
Sterling, 2009   ISBN: 140274417X

The world is full of ologists of all kinds. There are biologists, zoologist, botanists, psychologists, and now there is a monsterologist. He is a very brilliant man who travels around the world looking for, and even getting to know, monsters of all kinds. For the first time ever, the monsterologist has brought together letters, interviews, and notes that he has in his collection so that you can read about some of the secrets of the world’s most famous monsters.

Enjoy reading a letter from Count Dracula, and shudder as you read a recipe that the monsterologist believes belonged to Grendel’s mother. Read the “Ghost Notes” that the monsterologist has selected, and find out how three famous dead musicians still walk the earth. Learn what it was like to seek a yeti in “the snowy Himalayas.” Don’t forget too to look at the email offer that the monsterologist received inviting him to co-direct a zombie survey.

This highly entertaining and deliciously inspired book is sure to delight any budding monsterologist. With clever rhymes, a varied selection of formats, and wonderful multi-media artwork, this is a book that readers will dip into again and again.