Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Skating with bears

Skating with bears

0000   ISBN: 0525474854

Tim wishes so much that he could skate like all the other children. Unfortunately every time he tries he ends up sitting on his bottom on the ice, or worse still lying flat on his stomach. At night Tim dreams of being able to skate. How delicious it feels to glide across the ice with so little effort. Tim wakes up in the night and decides to try skating again. When the little boy approaches the frozen pond he notices some piles of snow which look very much like great big snow bears. Then something incredible happens and Tim has the most wonderful wintery night adventure with some new friends.

Andrew Breakspeare's art is magical and superbly captures the mood of the story and the beauty of the snowy landscape. Sturdy extra thick pages with interesting textures embossed into the art make this a perfect book for little children to explore and enjoy.