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Raindrops: A Shower of Colors

Raindrops: A Shower of Colors

Chieu Anh Urban
Illustrator:  Viviana Garofoli 
Novelty Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Sterling, 2010   ISBN: 978-1402769009

It is starting to rain and a blue butterfly, a red rooster, a purple parrot, and a pink pig are running, “Go! Go! Go!,” to dodge the raindrops. As the raindrops fall even harder and as the grey clouds roll across the sky, the red robin, the yellow yak, the orange octopus and the white whale run or swim as fast as they can to get out of the rain. Soon all of these animals are joined by a yellow bumblebee, a blue beetle, a green grasshopper, and a black bear. All the animals run or swim until…something wonderful happens!

In this clever novelty book, the author not only teaches little children to recognize and name colors, but she also shows them – using die-cut colored raindrops – how colors can be combined to make new ones: Red and blue make purple, red and yellow make orange, and yellow and blue make green. The color-filled finale with its double page spread full of color, sunshine, and joy, is sure to put a smile on every little face that sees it.