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Owen and Mzee: A Day Together

Owen and Mzee: A Day Together

Craig Hatkoff, Isabella Hatkoff, Dr. Paula Kuhumba
Board book
For ages 1 to 3
Scholastic, 2008   ISBN: 978-0545037662

Mzee is a large old tortoise, and Owen is a large young hippo. Though these two animals are not at all alike, they are the best of friends. Somehow they have found a way to communicate using “their own special language of signs and sounds.” Together, Owen and Mzee go for walks, and together they cool off in the water when it is hot. They eat the same foods and rest in each other’s company, and best of all they make each other feel safe and cared for.

Children are naturally drawn to true stories about animals, and this particular true story has attracted the interest of countless people all over the world. Readers off all ages have been charmed by the story of Owen and Mzee, two animals who found friendship under extraordinary circumstances, and who have become, incidentally, goodwill ambassadors for animals everywhere. With a simple text and beautiful full-color photos, this board book brings this remarkable story to very young children using a format that they can enjoy and understand.