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My first Touch and Feel Farm

My first Touch and Feel Farm

From the editors at Tiger Tales
Novelty board book
For infants to age 4
Tiger Tales, 2013   ISBN: 978-1589256347

When you visit a working farm you will probably encounter some farm animals, creatures that make a wide variety of noises including “quack,” “woof” and “oink.” Some of the animals will have “soft and fuzzy” feathers, while others will have “sleek and velvety” skin.

   In this sturdy novelty board book little children will get to meet five different farm babies. On each double page spread they will see a color photo of one of the babies, and they will be able to explore a textured touch-and-feel surface with their fingers. The text will tell children how these babies feel when they are touched and what kind of noises they make. Little readers will enjoy sharing this book with their grownups, but they can also explore it on their own.