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More Than Meets The Eye: Seeing Art With All Five Senses

More Than Meets The Eye: Seeing Art With All Five Senses

Bob Raczka
Nonfiction Picture Book
For ages 6 to 8
Lerner, 2003   ISBN: 978-0761319948

When we go to an art museum we explore the artwork on the walls by looking at it with our eyes. It may seem that using our eyes is the only way we can really experience a painting, and yet if we use our imagination we can connect with art using all our sense.

   For example, what if the painting we are looking at shows some apples in a tin pail. The apples are red and juicy looking and if we tap into our own taste memories we can imagine what it would be like to taste the apples we are looking at.

  If you can ‘taste’ a painting could you also ‘hear’ one? Again, all you need is a little imagination. The author of this book shows us a painting by Thomas Chambers showing a battle at sea between two ships during the War of 1812. We can see the smoke rolling across the water, and the sails have holes in them that were created by flying cannon balls. Surely we can imagine what the boom of those cannons would sound like, and hear the hissing noise that they make as they fly through the air. Maybe we can even hear the crunch of wood as the cannon ball hits its target.

   In this excellent title Bob Raczka encourages children to use all their senses to enjoy works of art. He provides his readers with five works of art for each sense so that we can try using our senses in a new way to fully experience art on many levels.