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McDuff Saves the Day

McDuff Saves the Day

Rosemary Wells
Illustrator:   Susan Jeffers 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 3 to 5
Hyperion Book CH, 2005   ISBN: 0786856750

McDuff really does have an ideal life. He has people who love him, people who even let him sit on the front seat when they go on drives. Of course there is baby and McDuff is still not too sure about baby. McDuff and his family are off to the park for a Fourth of July picnic and soon after arriving the dog is left in charge of the picnic basket. Then disaster strikes in the form of tiny "silent invaders" whom McDuff The Vigilant fails to see, smell or hear. McDuff is very fond of his meals and losing the picnic prompts him to go off and search for another picnic. At last he finds the right one. Of course the picnic belongs to someone else, a Mr. DiMaggio. McDuff disgraces himself by taking one of the portly Mr. DiMaggio's meatballs but the situation is soon sorted out and in no time McDuff and his family are enjoying their Fourth of July Celebration with Mr. DiMaggio. Food and friendship are shared and a wonderful time is had by all.

With a unique sense of humor Rosemary Wells has created a funny and delightful tale about our very favorite Westie. She captures perfectly the way in which dogs can take over a situation and also the way in which they have no sense of what is or is not appropriate. "McDuff Saves the Day" is a wonderful book which will delight dog lovers of all ages. Susan Jeffers' illustrations beautifully portray McDuff's unique personality in all its moods.