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Little Butterfly Finger Puppet Book

Little Butterfly Finger Puppet Book

Illustrator:  Klaartje van der Put 
Novelty Book
For ages 2 to 4
Chronicle Books, 2006   ISBN: 978-0811856454

A little caterpillar is sitting on a leaf thinking about the day when it will be “bigger than a leaf and free.” It dreams of flying and of making a silken cocoon for itself in which it will transform slowly and carefully into a beautiful butterfly.

This sweet little board book is not just a charming natural history story, and it is not just a story about hope and dreams. Because of the finger puppet feature, the book also gives little children the opportunity to act out the part of the caterpillar in the story. They can become a part of the story and thus see for themselves that stories can come alive if told in the right way.