Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

It's Spring

It's Spring

Samantha Berger, Pamela Chanko
Illustrator:   Melissa Sweet 
Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Scholastic, 2000   ISBN: 0439442389

It all began when the robin began to sing, telling the world of the coming of spring. The rabbit heard the song and "hopped and thumped his feet" and told the deer this wonderful news. One by one the animals spread the word from mouth to beak, from duck to cow until finally the birds deliver the message to the bear, telling them that at last it is time to "wake up, it's spring."

Beautifully rhyming in a simple and yet catchy way, we are carried from page to page in this beautifully illustrated little book as one by one the animals spread the word of renewal and a new world. Throughout the book readers will find hints of spring; flowers blooming, a planted garden, the sun shining, birds nesting, and butterflies and bees dancing among the flowers