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Houndsley and Catina: Plink and Plunk

Houndsley and Catina: Plink and Plunk

James Howe
Illustrator:   Marie-Louise Gay 
Fiction  Series
For ages 6 to 9
Candlewick Press, 2009   ISBN: 0763633852

Houndsley loves to go out in his canoe, and today is a perfect day to be out on the lake. He invites Bert to go with him, but Bert’s aunt is sick and Bert needs to visit her. So, reluctantly, Houndsley decides to invite Catina. Houndsley does not really like to go canoeing with Catina because she talks all the time. While he is canoeing, Hounsley likes to hear the sound of the water, the wind, and the birds. He does not really want to hear Catina’s chatter.

Unfortunately, today is just like all the other times that Houndsley and Catina have been out on the lake together; Catina never stops talking. The only time she becomes quiet is when the boat wobbles a little. Why has Catina stopped talking all of a sudden?

In this delightful title, readers will see how friends can help each other overcome their fears. We all have things that we are afraid to do, and sometimes we have a hard time talking about it. Luckily for Houndsley and Catina, they have each other.

With an engaging story, wonderful illustrations, and memorable characters, this title will be a real treat for children who are learning how to read on their own.