Welcome to Through the Looking Glass

Welcome to the September and October 2017 issue of Through the Looking Glass Children’s Book Reviews. I have put together a wonderful collection of reviews for you for this issue, and I hope you enjoy reading the reviews as much as I enjoyed writing them.

As always, the books reviewed on TTLG are carefully chosen by the editor. We only review books that suit the scope of TTLG, and that we feel have something to offer readers. Therefore, all our reviews are positive ones. We hope this will help you to find excellent books for the young people in your lives. If you are looking for books for yourself, we hope you will find books that you will enjoy reading. Please consider buying books through this website. Your purchases help to support our work, and give us the means to improve this online resource.

For this issue I have chosen to focus on books about Books and Libraries.  September is the month when many children get back into school mode,  and it seems appropriate to look at the world of books at this time of year. For this feature, I have reviewed books about books,  books about libraries and librarians, and books about the joys of reading. In this feature, there are titles that readers of all ages will enjoy, and I hope young readers will find something in the collection that will engage, entertain, or inspire them.

Since September is the month when many children go back to school, I have added book reviews  to the School Days feature page. In this feature, there are titles about school life that will suit readers of all ages.

September is also the month when summer starts to unwind and when many people experience the first signs of fall. Leaves start to turn red, gold, and yellow. Frosts begin to nip at the plants in the garden, and in October farmers and gardeners start to harvest the fruits and vegetables that they have tended for many months.

For this month’s Editor’s Choice title, I selected The Book of Gold by Bob Staake. This remarkable picture book tells the story of a child who initially hates books and who then takes on the quest of finding a legendary book called the Book of Gold.  The Series Spotlight for this issue looks at the Vega Jane Books. So far there are three books in this enthralling young adult collection, and each one of them is a delight to read. Adults and young people alike will enjoy them. My Author Spotlight looks at the life and accomplishments of Dick King-Smith, the writer who brought us Babe the pig and whose book Just Binnie, is reviewed in this issue.

Finally, take a look at the Bookish Calendar page for reviews about Elizabeth I of England, Pablo Picasso, the Great Depression, and much more. This calendar is a great tool to use at home and in the classroom to help children incorporate books more fully into their lives.

There are several bookish events taking place in September and October that I would like to tell you about. They are:

September 26th to October 1st is  Banned Books Week (USA)

October is National Book Month (USA)

October 8th to October 14th is Teen Read Week (USA)

In September of 2012 I launched a project that I would like to tell you about. It is a story blog called Talon Diaries, and it is written by a colorful and very unusual character who is called Gryf. I hope you will come and read Gryf”s blog posts.

For those of you don’t know already, I also publish a blog about children’s books and the children’s book world. On the blog I post reviews, interviews with great authors and illustrators, I offer book giveaways, and I tell you about interesting contests and bookish events. Do visit the blog and sign up for the feed. In the coming year, I will be posting new picture book reviews on Mondays, poetry book reviews on Fridays, and Books of Hope on Wednesdays.

Some of the titles I reviewed several years ago are now out of print. Though you cannot buy these books in every bookshop, many of them are still available for purchase on websites like Amazon.com.

I hope you enjoy this new issue, and I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,