Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Grandpa and Bo

Grandpa and Bo

Kevin Henkes
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 6
Greenwillow, 1986   ISBN: 978-0066238371

Bo doesn’t get to see his grandpa that often but now he is going to spend the summer with him. What a summer the two of them have. It is a time full of favourite things like fishing, taking walks, looking for a shooting star, telling stories, and giving all sorts of things funny names. Grandpa decides that the tree in the front yard is going to be called "Douglas Fir" and every time he names something Grandpa and Bo laugh together. Douglas Fir becomes a part of a very odd but very important celebration for Grandpa and Bo, a celebration which they hope will carry them through until they can be together again.

This is a very simple and yet a very poignant story. There is no doubt that grandfathers and their grandchildren will understand Grandpa and Bo. The author seems to have dug very deep to write this lovely little book, and it shows to great advantage.