Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Fun dog, Sun dog

Fun dog, Sun dog

Deborah Heiligman
Illustrator:  Tim Bowers 
Board Book
For infants to age 4
Marshall Cavendish, 2005   ISBN: 978-0761455318

It is summer and a young boy goes out with his dog. Together they play in the park and on the beach, and the little boy tries his luck at one of the booths at the fun fair. Though the little boy's dog is his dearest companion and friend, the dog is – at times – a bit naughty, and he gets into trouble. He gets covered with suntan lotion, steals candy, runs away, and then, to cap it all off, he gets skunked while they are walking home. Phew! What a smell!

Just like any person - or any dog - the dog in this story is not always perfect. Readers will love the way he gets into trouble one minute, and is a delight to be with the next. With a lilting rhyming text, and wonderfully funny illustrations, this is a book that little children will come back to again and again.