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Duck & Goose: How Are You Feeling?

Duck & Goose: How Are You Feeling?

Tad Hills
Board Book  Series
For infants to age 3
Random House, 2009   ISBN: 978-0375846298

Trying to understand your feelings can be confusing for people of all ages. Little children in particular find it hard to identify what they are feeling at certain times, which certainly is provoking. In this simple little board book Tad Hills uses his delightful Duck and Goose characters to demonstrate what causes certain feelings, and what they look like. With Duck and Goose we see that feeling “scared” is normal during a big storm. We see Duck feeling “proud” when his sculpture stands tall and proud, and we also see poor Goose looking “frustrated” when his sculpture falls apart.

With his charming illustrations and a very minimal text (one word per feeling), Tad Hills gives his young audience an entertaining and useful tool to help them to relate to others.