Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Daddy Kisses

Daddy Kisses

Anne Gutman
Illustrator:  Georg Hallensleben 
Board Book
For ages 1 to 3
Chronicle Books, 2003   ISBN: 978-0811839143

Daddys of all kinds like to show the love that they feel for their children and often they do this by giving kisses. In this simple yet meaningful board book little children will see how a father lion, a father wolf, a father giraffe, a father frog, a father rabbit, a father squirrel, and human father all give their little one kisses.

Warm and colorful paintings and the simplest of texts make this board book perfect for reading at bedtime and for fathers and their children to share on father's day. The book offers readers the reminder that fathers are very important in the lives of their children, playing an essential role in making each child feel loved and cherished.