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Philip Ardagh

Philip Ardagh

Philip Ardagh writes everything from histories to horror stories - that's just the 'h's - and his books have been translated into nine different languages (10, if you count Latin). He lives with a wife and two cats in a seaside town in England, and loves walking along the beach, and combing his beard (though not necessarily at the same time). He looks a bit like Harold the jailer, asleep outside the dungeon in Bleak Tower.

Philip Ardagh is probably best-known as the author of the best-selling Eddie Dickens adventures, currently being developed by Warner Brothers and the producers of The Matrix for a proposed series of animated family feature films. He recently collaborated with Paul McCartney and illustrator Geoff Dunbar on High In The Clouds, Sir Paul's first children's book. Philip also regularly reviews children's books for The Guardian, and occasionally crops up on Radio 4, for which he has also written an afternoon story for adults and a children's drama (in which he played himself and a pigeon on a ledge). He was a witness for the defence of Alice in Wonderland in The Battle of the Books for the BBC's The Big Read. He has a passion for history and archaeology and has been described as "one of life's fact finders". Philip Ardagh regularly appears at literary festivals throughout the British Isles, and has written over seventy books which have been translated into more than thirty languages.