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Holly Hobbie

Holly Hobbie

Holly Hobbie began selling paintings while still in high school in rural Connecticut. As a grad student and young mother, she submitted her artwork to the American Greetings card company – never guessing that she would become a household name. The Holly Hobbie line of greeting cards was American Greetings’ first character licensing program, and for 15 wildly-successful years the sun-bonneted Holly Hobbie characters adorned gift-wrap, linens, toys and china.

Since 1997, New York Times bestselling author and illustrator, Holly has entranced a whole new generation of fans with her winsome and expertly rendered TOOT AND PUDDLE picture books. Inspired in part by pig-themed postcards from her oldest daughter who was battling cancer, Holly created Toot the world-traveling pig, and Puddle the porcine homebody. Holly Hobbie lives with her husband in Conway, Massachusetts. In addition to the highly acclaimed Toot & Puddle picture books, she is also the author of an illustrated memoir, The Art of Holly Hobbie. The mother of grown children, she lives with her husband in Conway, Massachusetts.