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Marianne Brandis

Marianne Brandis

Marianne Brandis was born in Holland in 1938, and fell in love with the English language when she arrived in Canada at age eight. She lived in British Columbia and Nova Scotia before moving to Ontario. She began writing in her teens, and continued while working as a copywriter at private radio stations and the CBC. She taught at Ryerson University for many years. Since 1989 she has been a full-time writer. She has written historical fiction set in Canadian and British history, novels set in modern-day Canada, and a major titled Finding Words: A Writer's Memoir. Marianne Brandis has won many awards including the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People and the IODE Book Award. Marianne’s timeless ‘Emma’ series, depicting life in Upper Canada in the 1830s, were re-released in Spring 2003, including The Tinderbox, The Quarter-Pie Window, and The Sign of the Scales.


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