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Molly Garrett Bang

Molly Garrett Bang

Molly Bang was born in Princeton, New Jersey in 1943. Since then, she has lived in Japan, India, and Mali, and has had a varied career as an illustrator, author, translator and consultant. She is interested in folklore and fables from many cultures, and enjoys retelling and illustrating them, for she feels they are important components of our global cultural heritage. She has distinguished herself as a creator and illustrator of her own stories as well, which are known for their whimsical humor and mystery.

Bang has received many book awards and honors, including the prestigious Caldecott Honor Book Award for The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher. She uses a variety of techniques, including watercolor, collage, and three-dimensional dioramas such as her illustrations for One Fall Day. To emphasize the theme of recycling in Chattanooga Sludge, Bang created all the collaged illustrations from recycled magazines. She currently divides her time between Falmouth, Massachusetts and California.