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Angelina Ballerina’s Invitation to the Ballet

Angelina Ballerina’s Invitation to the Ballet

Katharine Holabird
Illustrator:   Helen Craig 
Picture Book  Series
for ages 5 to 7
Pleasant and Company, 2003   ISBN: 978-1584857570

Angelina is very excited because she got a letter. In it were two tickets that she won to a performance of Cindermouse. Now she has to find someone to go with her. Of course she asks her best friend Alice first but Alice got a card inviting her to a birthday party and she already accepted. Next Angelina she asks William but William got a letter inviting him to play football with his friends. Finally Angelina goes to see her cousin Henry but poor Henry just got a card in the mail reminding him that he has an appointment to see Dr. Tuttle. Angelina is feeling very glum indeed when her dancing teacher comes rushing up with yet another letter. What is this letter going to be about?

In this charming interactive picture book the reader gets to read cards, letters, and invitations that all the various characters receive. One can even admire a lovely poster that Angelina gets. Once again we get to share in the small events in this charming little mouse’s life and enjoy the detailed and colorful illustrations. This book will delight any budding little ballet dancer or any little girl who has a fondness for little mice.