Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

ABC of America

ABC of America

Kim Bellefontaine
Illustrator:  Per-Henrik Gurth 
Picture Book
For ages 2 to 4
Kids Can Press, 2004   ISBN: 978-1553376453

Why don't you join us as we take a whirlwind alphabet tour around America to see just a few of the sights and some of the everyday things that make this country special and unique. On the B page we are going to join our new friends in a game of baseball. Let's see if you can hit that ball! On the F page we are going to celebrate the Fourth of July with a fireworks show. How beautiful the colors are in the night sky. On the L page we are going to visit the Liberty Bell and see how it is cracked down one side. And look here on the M page we are fishing on the bank of the Mississippi river watching a paddle steamboat going upstream.

With sturdy card pages, brightly colorful illustrations peopled with animal characters, and interesting topics for each of the twenty six alphabet pages, this is an excellent book to share with a child who is eager to learn about America.