Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

ABC is for Circus

ABC is for Circus

Patrick Hruby
Board Book
For infants to age 5
Ammo Books, 2010   ISBN: 978-1934429617

Circuses are wonderfully colorful and busy places, and not surprisingly, children love them. They like to visit them in real life and they also like to visit them through the pages of books. In this beautiful board book, the author takes us to visit a circus using an alphabet book format that has a minimal text and gorgeous brightly colored illustrations

Some of the entries, like “E is for elephant” and “L is for lions,” will be familiar. Others are more original or creative. For example “C is for Calliope” and “I is for Ice Cream.”  Adults will enjoy explaining what a calliope is and why “K is for Kerchief” is relevant to a circus. Having these more inventive entries encourages children to share this book with their adults.