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A Color Game for Chester Raccoon

A Color Game for Chester Raccoon

Audrey Penn
Illustrator:  Barbara L. Gibson 
Board book
For ages 2 to 5
Tanglewood Press, 2012   ISBN: 978-1933718583

One day Chester Raccoon sees a bird in a tree and he recognizes that the bird has white feathers. Ronny Raccoon realizes that Chester has created a little game, and he wants to play too. Ronny looks around and he sees a flower that is “cornflower blue.” Cassie, who is Chester’s friend, joins in the game and she tells Chester and Ronny that she sees a yellow balloon that is floating by. Even Owl Teacher  joins in, singing about an orange butterfly that she sees opening its wings. What other colors will Chester and his friends see?

Little children who are starting to learn about colors will enjoy seeing how Chester Raccoon and his friends turn learning into a game. Throughout the book a rhyming text and full-color illustrations complement each other. Children are invited to try playing Chester’s game themselves, “Find Chester’s colors / Beginning with WHITE.”